Concept Brief


Teller and Todd Robbins Invite death to come out and play in this mesmerizing and terrorizing look at life, death and the horrific wonder between. Weaving together storytelling, illusion, horror, comedy and telepathy proves that there is nothing more arousing than unholy resurrection and we’re never so alive as when we’re scared to death.


Play Dead at The Venetian is a fully integrated audience experience. The venue, the performance, the food and beverage, the box office interaction and the pre and post show activities all combine to create a one-of-a-kind, curated experience that is unique to Las Vegas. Patrons can return again and again and never have quite the same experience twice.


Patrons approach a Play Dead themed box office and marquee near the elevator/escalator

The Ushers and box office staff are dressed in vintage uniforms

As patrons enter the theater they literally find themselves in a maze

While exploring the maze, patrons can explore different rooms and corridors

The rooms are all themed to match the forthcoming story with mini-shows of their own. The Corridors have haunted chandeliers, portraits with Human eyes, moments of suddent darkness and more...

There are hidden speakers throughout the building for a story-based sound design

Eventually Patrons reach one of three bars and lounging areas on one of two levels

at the lounges guests are greeted with play dead themed food, drink and even bar magicians/waitresses

by now some people can see the 250-seat theater with an old horror movie playing on the screen

and then... The Show

 Equal part freak show, séance, macabre magic show and comedic scare fest, Play Dead is ninety-minutes of non-stop entertainment. Todd Robbins, Teller's co-author and onstage alter ego, tells the more or less true stories of a serial killer, two phony mediums, a geek and a murder victim whom Mr. Robbins knew in real life. During and in between these narratives, things…happen. The nature of these grisly occurrences can best be summarized by saying that the white suit worn by Mr. Robbins grows steadily redder throughout the evening. There are a series of major illusions in the show that happen literally feet from the audience: a working lightbulb is eaten in its entirety,  a man appears to be murdered on stage in a vat of acid, spiritual surgery is performed on a member of the audience, apparitions float around the room, a table almost jumps off the stage, a hand rises out of some sand on a table, and finally, a young woman suddenly appears on the stage and seemingly transforms into a decrepit spirit. The theater goes dark at various times throughout the show when the audiences experiences bats flying by their heads, rats scurrying over their feet, the smell and sensation of apparitions flying throughout the room and of course, the resurrection of our killers, mediums and geeks. There is blood... there are laughs... and by the end of the show you don't know whether you should by laughing or screaming.

Following the show the cast will join the audience for Music, drinks, food, magic, backstage tours and VIP views of the strip from the theater balconY. As the audience exits, the rooms that they saw on the way in have transformed in some way now that they have experienced Play Dead.